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The Simons Collaboration on Ocean Processes and Ecology (SCOPE), funded by the Simons Foundation, will establish a collaborative effort that will measure, model and experimentally manipulate a complex system representative of a broad swath of the North Pacific Ocean. This collaboration aims to advance our understanding of the biology, ecology and biogeochemistry of microbial processes that dominate Earth's largest biome: the global ocean. A multidisciplinary team of scientists who share a common interest in microbial oceanography have committed to partner in a meaningful collaboration that will begin to address some of the long-standing scientific challenges and previously unattainable research goals of that discipline. Specifically, SCOPE will conduct highly resolved spatial and temporal analyses over multiple levels of biological organization at a representative ocean benchmark, Station ALOHA, located in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre (NPSG).

The central mission of SCOPE is to measure, model and predict the pathways and exchanges (inputs and outputs) of energy and matter within and between specific microbial groups and their environment at relevant spatial and temporal scales, from surface waters to the deep sea (more than 4 km in depth) at Station ALOHA. A central premise of SCOPE is that we must study the ocean ecosystem in situ, at a variety of levels of biological organization (e.g., genetic, biochemical, physiological, biogeochemical and ecological), and at highly resolved, nested scales of space and time in order to fully describe and model it.

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